1. The free time for unloading and customs clearance formalities is 8 hours within the day of delivery. A detention fee to the amount of EUR 100 per truck per each started calendar day shall be charged thereafter.

  2. The maximum allowed cargo gross weight in connection with the weight limitations along the republican road network of Bulgaria, introduced by the Bulgarian Roads Agency is 21 metric tons per 20' container and 22 metric tons per 40' container, unless the offer states otherwise. In case of overload above the maximum allowed weight, the price for road transportation shall be increased accordingly and is subject to additional specification.

  3. This offer is valid in case the sea carrier is able to provide the necessary empty equipment and space for loading on the ship.

  4. The delivery of the cargo to the consignee is accomplished upon the payment of all amounts due for arranging the transport to the final destination and of all possible additional charges for demurrage, storage, customs checks, detention, etc., unless otherwise stipulated in a signed contract.

  5. The delivery of the cargo to the consignee is accomplished against the presentation of a full set of duly endorsed original Bills of Lading, unless there are written instructions for release without the presentation of the original Bills of Lading (Telex release), or Waybill has been issued (Bill of Lading with 0 originals).

  6. The Carrier reserves the right to change schedules, routings, transit times and sailing dates with or without a prior notice. The Carrier does not make commitments for fixed delivery deadlines or for delivery on a fixed date.

  7. The shipper/exporter bears the responsibility for the strict observation of the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures ISPM No.15 concerning wooden parts and/or packing used.

  8. Terms of payment: before the delivery of the cargo unless otherwise agreed.
  9. All charges, as well as all payment-related bank expenses are payable by the Ordering party, unless otherwise agreed.

  10. Stamp and signature on invoices and related debit/credit notes are not mandatory under Bulgarian Law. (Art 7 from Accountancy Law and art 114 from Value Added Tax Law).

  11. This offer is based on means of transport and selection of carriers appointed by Unimasters Logistics SCS Limited.

  12. Unimasters Logsitcs SCS Ltd accepts the order to arrange the transportation of dangerous cargo and all its details the way it has been placed by the booking party/shipper. The booking party and the shipper bear the full responsibility for mis-declaring or non-declaring of their dangerous cargo. The respective penalty fee from the ocean container carrier may vary between USD 5000 and USD 15000 per booking and in case Unimasters Logistics SCS Ltd is penalised with such a fee, it will be billed to the booking party/shipper. Any additional cost that will result from taking corrective actions will be charged on top of this fee.

  13. The responsibility for stuffing the cargo in the container lies entirely on the shipper/booking party in case the cargo is loaded at their premises or their nominated stuffing area.

  14. Any improper stowage or uneven distribution may result in container handling difficulties and operational complications and may lead to penalties and additional costs, that can be imposed by the container carrier or the loading, transit or discharge port authorities. In case billed to Unimasters Logistics SCS Ltd, these fees will transferred to the booking party.

  15. Unimasters Logistics SCS Limited conducts all business in accordance with the Standard Trading Conditions and Standard Warehousing Conditions of the Bulgarian National Forwarding Association (latest revision). Copy of the above mentioned conditions is published at the internet site We advise you to get acquainted with them carefully. This offer is valid only in case you do not dispute these conditions. Placing an order as per the present offer is deemed as acceptance of the indicated standard conditions. It is deemed for every next order, whether based upon the present offer or not, that you agree with the indicated standard conditions, unless you explicitly dispute them.

  16. Unimasters Logistics SCS Limited recommends you to insure your goods in transit. The road carrier's liability is limited up to 8.33 SDR per kilogram gross weight and the ocean carrier's liability is 666.67 SDR per parcel or 2 SDR per kilogram gross weight, whichever is higher. In both modes of transport, carrier's liability does not exceed cargo value. The carrier is not liable in case of force majeure. Unimasters Logistics SCS Limited reserves the right to adjust the quotation in the event of changes in service costs and/or expected date of departure and/or expected date of departure and/or date of arrival of the shipment, which occur beyond the company's control.

  17. All disputable matters shall be resolved through negotiations between the parties and if the parties are unable to settle an agreement by negotiations, any party may bring such dispute for final resolution to the competent Bulgarian court. The provisions of Bulgarian legislation shall apply.

  18. In case you have booked a shipment from a non-European Union member country and you assign the entry into the customs territory of the European Union to Unimasters Logistics SCS Ltd, you, in your capacity of a booking party, acting in your own name or on behalf of your client, are fully responsible and obliged to provide the necessary information for the completion of the temporary storage procedure pursuant to Article 149 of the UCC (Union Customs Code-Regulation 952/2013) "Non-Union goods in temporary storage are placed under a customs procedure or re-exported within 90 days".

  19. In the event that you do not provide the relevant required information and documents within the statutory time limit and you prevent the customs clearance of the goods within 90 days from the entry, you are fully responsible to the Customs Authorities and you oblige to reimburse Unimasters Logistics SCS Ltd with all expenses incurred in connection with measures and actions taken by the customs authorities under Article 199 of the (Union Customs Code-Regulation 952/2013).
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