1. These General Terms and Conditions govern the standard provisions of the freight forwarding agreements between the company Unimasters Logistics SCS Ltd, Corporate ID: 831430171, registered at 12 Prodan Tarakchiev str., Sofia, Bulgaria (Unimasters) and its Customers.

2. By ordering a freight forwarding service to Unimasters, you enter into an agreement with the Company consisting of these General Terms and Conditions supplemented by the specific conditions of the respective type of transportation, as well as by a proof of delivery/POD drawn up in compliance with the instructions of the Customer in all cases where the transport arrangements include delivery to a specific address of imported packages by sea groupage freight shipping or air freight and road groupage.

3. At the discretion of the company Unimasters Logistics SCS Ltd, the proof of delivery may be issued as a hard copy (on paper) or as a soft copy (electronically).

The electronic proof of delivery is an electronic document within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Trust Services Act, and is available on the online customer self-service portal at which can be accessed through a personal account with individual username and password.

4. The parties can use electronic signatures and agree to recognise their validity as personal hand signatures affixed on а hard copy document.

To that end, the party making the delivery will provide a device with a display where the recipients place their signature, whereupon the software of the device transforms the signature of the Customer into a graphic image and incorporates it into the structure of the electronic proof of delivery.

5. According to the required type of transport, Unimasters conducts its business under the following specific conditions:

А. Terms and conditions applicable to ocean freight:

● Terms and conditions applicable to ocean freight import groupage service LCL (link)

● Terms and conditions applicable to ocean freight export groupage service LCL (link)

● Terms and conditions applicable to full container FCL import combined transport (link)

● Terms and conditions applicable to full container FCL export combined transport (link)

The customers ordering an ocean freight forwarding service are required to familiarise with the Terms of Carriage of the carrier on the draft of the bill of lading, sent by Unimasters. They can be found on the back of the first page, or a text on the first page of the B/L will refer to a website where they can be found. The confirmation of the draft is deemed to be an approval of these terms and accepted by the customers.

B. Terms and conditions applicable to air freight (link)

C. Terms and conditions applicable to road freight (link)

6. To any matters that remain ungoverned by these General Freight Forwarding Terms and Conditions will apply the latest version of the Standard Trading Conditions of the Bulgarian National Forwarders Association (STC of BNFA) (link), valid as at the date of acceptance of the offer.

7. By handing over the freight in custody and control of Unimasters (or its representative), it will be deemed that you have acquainted with these Terms and Conditions and you agree to their application.

8. Upon the delivery of a shipment, the recipient shall inspect its condition in the presence of the Unimasters representative who made the delivery. If there are any missing or damaged items, a reservation should be made in the hard copy of the proof of delivery or in the carrier's consignment note, and in the cases of delivery with an electronic proof of delivery, the recipient shall request the completion of a Cargo Loss/Damage Report in two copies signed by both parties and describing the quality discrepancy. The absence of a reservation or Cargo Loss/Damage Report shall be considered as a proof for receiving the shipment in the ordered quantity and in good condition. If necessary, a copy of the report may be downloaded and printed (from here) link.

All claims must be submitted in writing to the address of Unimasters or by email to

Claims are recognized as valid only when the Customer has paid all amounts due for the provided services without delay or deductions.

9. In the event of any inconsistencies between these General Terms and Conditions and the imperative provisions of the Bulgarian laws, the latter will take precedence.
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